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I realise that it’s been quite a while since I last updated but there’s been so much happening around here that I haven’t found a spare moment in between worrying about the away team and thinking that I would never see them again, the away team being rescued, the slipstream mission and the slipstream not working and all this on top of spending more time with my mom since she came back and my studies. The slipstream mission is what everyone had been talking about these past few weeks and each time someone mentioned about how good it would be to return home I would feel sad because I had no home to return to.

I have to admit that I’m rather glad the slipstream mission didn’t work because I just couldn’t work myself up to feel excited about the prospect of returning to the Alpha Quadrant and Earth where my mom comes from. I mean I guess I am excited about the thought of meeting with my father but at the same I’m nervous because mom has told me so much about him and at this stage in time I don’t know if I feel confident enough to meet him face to face. I know I sound like a coward but Voyager is my home and if I were to return to earth I would miss everything about Voyager. I would never feel comfortable on earth no matter how much people talk about how great earth is.

Everything on Voyager is slowly returning to normal but some of the crew is disappointed that they won’t be returning home however I think on the whole it has given them a new sense of renewed hope because now they know that it isn’t impossible for them to return home quickly. Of course I knew that the day when Voyager would return to the alpha quadrant but it looks like it won’t be for quite a while.
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